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American Eagle Day

June 20th, 2024

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The bald eagle was selected as the U.S.A.'s National Emblem by the country's founding fathers on June 20, 1782 at the Second Continental Congress. For over 220 years now, it has served as the pride of America's skies and the living symbol of all that Americans stand for: Freedom, Courage, Strength, Spirit, and Excellence.

Until American Eagle Day was established, there had never been a “national day” set aside to annually recognize the country’s inspirational national bird and the role that it has played in people's lives. A day for raising awareness for protecting the bald eagle, American Eagle Day encourages participants to adopt a bald eagle, to assist in the recovery of their natural environments, and to take part in educational outreach.

The American Bald Eagle isn't actually bald, as the name implies. Rather, the bird gets its name from the swath of white feathers around its head and face that make it look featherless. The eagle is also identified by its bright yellow beak and brown plumage. Celebrate national pride by relying on Metro's Creative Image Library to build pages or ads that recognize the bald eagle — America's most prominent national mascot.

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