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Campaigns & Classified
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First Quarter SearchBook
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Create, sell and profit with attention-compelling ads and campaigns that help open doors to key businesses including your important automotive, recruitment and real estate advertisers. Additional, quick-sell opportunites for a wide-spectrum of advertisers come in the form of themed directories, self-promotion ads and circulation-building promotions.

Each quarterly issue arms you with:

  • Twelve Retail Campaigns (i.e. bakery, dry cleaner, jeweler, restaurant, etc.) — all of which have companion Web ads to sell combo print and online packages
  • Auto Dealer images & Ads — full page print ad, 3x print campaign + 3x companion Web campaign
  • Self-Promotion Images & Ads — including campaign with full page print ad, 3x print campaign + 3x Web campaign
  • Real Estate images & Ads — including campaign with full page print ad, 3x print campaign + 3x Web campaign
  • Recruitment Images & Ads — including campaign with full page print ad, 3x print campaign + 3x Web campaign

Take a look at the most recent content by clicking the SearchBook link on this page and see how Campaigns & Classified can help you expand your sales opportunities and marketing partnership with your advertisers, while promoting your own products and services.

Now, more than ever, you need the resources and ad solutions that Campaigns & Classified delivers:

Ready to sell — Every ad layout and campaign contains a proven and complete concept that is ready to present and sell. With a variety of impactful ads, in optimal sizes, you have what you need to engage each of your advertisers and increase sales. Present ads by printing the files, or personalize them in MiAD® Wizard to create customized presentations.

Build Circulation and Linage — Grow your classified business and expand your campaign sales with the variety of ready-to-go ad layouts, themed directories, circulation-building ads, campaigns and creative contest ideas, recruitment developments, real estate layouts, full-page auto ads and coordinating Web and mobile ads.

Online SearchBook — View all new content from each quarterly Campaigns & Classified issue in the online SearchBook for planning, selling and production.

Access Campaigns & Classified's ever-growing Library of print, Web and mobile spec ads, images and ideas within MetroCreativeConnection (MCC):

  • Search by keyword and helpful filter options.
  • Directly preview, print and download from the site.
  • Download spec ads in QuarkXPress® or InDesign® format.
  • Download all ad elements at the same time, or individually.
  • Search by print ads that have corresponding Web and mobile ads to enhance your multimedia sales efforts.
  • Access is available to an unlimited number of users at your location (no seat license restrictions).
  • Allow multiple persons in multiple departments to simultaneously save, share and contribute with Project Organizer.
  • Print layouts directly from the site, or personalize them in MiAD® Wizard, for planning and prospecting.

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