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Pulse + Metro Ad Sales Program

Click on the video above to view the most recent webinar showcasing a client who is achieving 130% of budget using Pulse + Metro presentation tools.

Pulse + Metro Ad Sales Program
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Newspaper Account Executive Achieves 130% of Budget Using Pulse & Metro

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Wizard & Pulse join forces - add more value to your Pulse presentations with a personalized spec ad from the Wizard

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Pick a prospect, find consumer buying data, personalize a spec ad to start a conversation and make the sale!

“I’m closing up to 90% using Pulse Sales Tools and spec ads from Metro's ad Wizard.” Amanda, Kingman, AZ

“The tools of Pulse and Metro’s Wizard, collectively, are effective at starting conversations with advertisers and closing sales.” Chris, Staten Island, NY

Open the Door & Close the Sale 
With Pulse Research + Metro Ad Wizard  

This comprehensive tool kit combines consumer buying data with presentation-ready ads to quickly close more ad sales. 

Open the door using marketing Teasers and OnePage presentations based on purchasing data for any business category using Pulse. Then generate a personalized spec ad through Metro's Wizard to close the sale: Simply search spec ads by business category to personalize them in seconds.

Here’s how it works:

Choose an advertiser category from the Pulse website for a report listing the number of people in your region looking to buy those goods or services, as well as the monetary potential of that buying power.

Link directly to MiAD® Wizard from the Pulse website to choose spec ads for the advertiser category you are prospecting. Save your print and/or web and mobile ads in convenient Presentations that can be shared, downloaded, or shown in person on a tablet or laptop.

Generate Personalized Spec Ads for Each Prospect 1-2-3 With Metro's Ad Wizard

  • Choose spec ads based on data for top potential advertiser.
  • Add business information and logo, then view resulting spec ad options.
  • Generate personalized spec ads to present in conjunction with Pulse Teasers and OnePage presentations driven by shopping data.  


  • Access shopping information for more than 660 retail and service categories.
  • Show prospects the newspaper market share they are missing with research about where local shoppers get their advertising information.
  • Record, share and track updates from anywhere with a digital sales activity report.
  • Create a powerful OnePage presentation populated with research-based data specific to your client’s business in just a few clicks.
  • Present client-specific research on newspaper ad readership, potential for new customers, projected consumer spending, ROI and growth opportunities within a business category.
  • Access dozens of spec ad options for any business category in one click by opening MiAD Wizard directly from your mobile presentation page.
  • MiAD fields are automatically populated with your advertiser’s name and address to create and present a customized spec ad in seconds.


  • Choose from print and digital ad designs.
  • Customize your ad with advertiser logos.
  • Search spec ads with keyword(s), size, orientation and companion web ad filters to automatically personalize your selection.
  • Instantly email or print the personalized ad, or further customize and create or save to an existing Presentation. Share Presentations by email, or present to clients directly on your tablet or laptop.

Click on the video above to view the most recent webinar showcasing a client who is achieving 130% of budget using Pulse + Metro presentation tools.

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