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Holiday Advertising Service

Holiday Advertising Service
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Holiday SearchBook
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Order this guaranteed moneymaker — filled with fresh holiday images and quick-sell ads — to motivate your sales team, impress local advertisers, and increase 4th Qtr. ad sales. Call 800-223-1600 or email using the link on this page!

Create, Sell & Profit with Metro's 2019 Holiday Service... Call 800-223-1600 or email us at to order today!

Metro's 2019 Holiday Advertising Service is the very best resource for helping you develop moneymaking Christmas and New Year's advertising, greetings and special projects. By equipping your creative and sales teams with hundreds of all-new ads, images, copy and design components, and ready-to-sell sections — plus access to all ads in MiAD® Wizard — this annual service is guaranteed to help you create, sell and generate thousands in profits!

View the 2019 issue by clicking on the Holiday SearchBook link to the right.

Give your sales and creative teams what they need to succeed:

  • BONUS: FREE ACCESS TO ALL HOLIDAY ADS IN MIAD WIZARD Personalize all Holiday ads in seconds to create presentation-ready spec ads and close more sales.
  • BONUS: THREE READY-TO-SELL SECTIONS: "Home for the Holidays," "Holiday Fun & Games," "Holiday Coloring Contest" and your choice of one of our three popular "Itsy" youth-market coloring books that embed your advertisers within the story — sections are accessible in the MCC editorial Library.
  • Over 900 eye-catching images and 3,700 column inches of holiday ads, covering five key selling opportunities — Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's — ready to use and ready to sell
  • Full-color portable sales book of ad layouts to use in sales presentations
  • Online SearchBook of all ad layouts and images to use for sales and production
  • Quick-sell signature and ad pages, perfect for any advertiser and budget
  • Advertiser-specific ads and targeted images for the most popular businesses
  • Engaging cover designs & quick-sell layouts, sure to inspire special pages and sections to appeal to all advertisers and readers
  • Beautifully designed headings, including selections in Spanish and French, to help you reach additional markets
  • Design and printing options with color and black and white versions for every image and ad file
  • Ad files available in both Quark and InDesign formats

Please login to access this valuable information. If you forgot your Username or Password, please call Metro's Client Services Team at 800.223.1600 or email (M-F, 8:45am - 5:45pm EST).