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MiAD Wizard — About

MiAD Wizard — About
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Watch MiAD Wizard make SPEC ads 1-2-3!

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If you are ready to transform ad sales with MiAD Wizard call 800-223-1600, or email us using the link on this page, to set up your free trial!

The Next Generation of MiAD Wizard is Here!

Instantly Personalize Spec Ads to Close More Sales

“I’m closing up to 90% using spec ads from Metro’s Ad Wizard!” 
Amanda, Kingman, AZ

It's a fact that spec ads help close more sales, yet spec ads are used less than 20 percent of the time. Now you can instantly produce personalized spec ads and presentations for every sales prospect from your laptop or tablet in minutes. All you need is Internet access and a Web browser to personalize, present and email ads using Metro’s MiAD® Wizard, and up your close rate to 90 percent! 

No training.
No time wasted.
No more tough sells.

Go to MIADWIZARD.COM to Personalize Ads and Presentations in Three Easy Steps:

1. Enter or select from saved advertiser info, including logos.

2. Select spec ads with keyword(s), size, orientation and companion Web ad filters to automatically personalize your selection.

3. Instantly email or print the personalized ad, or further customize and create or save to an existing presentation. Share presentations by email, or present to teams and clients directory on your tablet or laptop.

With Metro's Ad Wizard, you can create customized spec ads and presentations for any sales prospect at a moment’s notice, showing local businesses you have the expertise and agility to help them succeed no matter what.

Try out the Wizard now – wherever you are ­– to see the results for yourself, and improve your close ratios like magic.

» Go to MiAD Wizard -

Gain access to this incredible sales tool for as little as $35 per month!

"I just tried the new Wizard, and it is Great! It's so easy; just enter the business name, address phone, website and category, i.e. heating & cooling, and Poof! The spec ad is done, and ready for you to edit or download. Love it!" Colleen, Coon Rapids, MN


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