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Pulse + Metro Special Section Program

Pulse + Metro Special Section Program

Pick a section, set up your call plan & wrap the ready-to-sell section with a teaser to start a conversation and make the sale! Call 800-223-1600, or send an email, to set up a demo!

Quickly increase special section ad revenue with Pulse + Metro Special Section Program

This comprehensive toolkit delivers complete ready-to-sell special sections for over 24 topics, along with a digital sales call reporting tool and data-driven Teaser sales presentations for over 500 business categories to instantly engage and track section advertising.

Save Time and Resources With Revenue-Ready TEMPLATED SPECIAL SECTIONS (TSS) 

  • Choose from fully written, designed and ready-to-sell sections for over 24 top-selling topics
  • Use in-place ad spots and copyright-free editorial features for traditional and native advertising
  • Expand digital advertising and audiences with coordinating mobile-responsive themed e-section websites and directories

Facilitate Sales Planning and Tracking With PULSE CALL PLANNER

  • Quickly identify hot leads specific to a section topic
  • Automatically generate a call list using sales data and geo prospecting tools
  • Record, share and track updates from anywhere with a digital sales activity report

Wrap Ready-to-Sell Sections With PULSE TEASERS to Start the Conversation and Make the Sale 

  • Get specific consumer spending data in your region for hundreds of advertisers
  • Customize and print a Teaser for section prospects in less than 15 seconds
  • Show prospects the local spending opportunity you can help them capture 

Click on the video above to view a 7-minute overview of the Pulse + Metro Special Section Program.

Save production time, simplify the sales cycle, attract more advertisers, and transform your special sections program into a rich and reliable revenue source with Pulse + Metro Special Section Program. Get started today by calling 800.223.1600 or email us using the link on this page.


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