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By Lindsie Defrang - February 17, 2021

Looking for more banking spec ads, specifically Mobile Banking (using closeups of cell phones) and HSA accounts. Preferably with models representative of the Midwest region. (Not urban). 

By Metro - February 17, 2021

By Marketing Department - February 17, 2021

Lindsie, Thank you for your request and please let us know if these ads will work. If you have examples of any ads you would like us to  reference for future banking ads please feel free to upload them along with any comments or notes!

By Lindsie Defrang - February 22, 2021 - edited: February 22, 2021

Thank you for the link. 

I am looking specifically for two different ads, a Mobile Banking ad and an HSA Account ad. I will pitch the linked ad for the Mobile Banking ad (tweaked to not include COVID), but I still need an HSA spec ad. Size 3 col X 6" or thereabouts. 

The HSA Account ad needs to contain general info about the benefits of HSA Accounts. Demographics: 40+ or 50+ Midwest/plains target audience. Prefer Caucasian models with no cityscape. 

By Darrell Davis - February 22, 2021

Hi Lindsie, 

Thanks for your request for mobile banking and HSA Account ads. 

We are currently working on fulfilling those and will get back to you asap!

In addition to the ad we've already sent, we will create another mobile banking ad. 



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