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Simple tips to create more time each day

(MS) — Whether it’s to spend more time exploring the great outdoors or enjoying the company of family and friends, we all want to find more time in our busy schedules to do the things we love. While work at home and at the office always seems to be beckoning, no one wants to be tied down by housework and/or a to-do list.

Though it’s impossible to add more minutes to the day, these tips can help you spend more time with those you love.

Clean as you go. When it comes to keeping your home clean and organized, it pays to do a little bit at a time rather than spend a whole day or weekend on chores. Wipe down your shower after each use to avoid the build-up of mold and mildew. Dust surfaces in your closet regularly to keep items and clothes clean longer, and wipe kitchen surfaces while cooking. Regular maintenance goes a long way towards keeping your home tidy and ready for spur-of-the-moment gatherings.

Avoid shopping on weekends. If you work a typical nine to five schedule, you probably do your shopping on weekends because that’s when you have the most time on your hands. But since that’s true for most people, you can expect long lines and crowded spaces when shopping on weekends. Try to carve out some time on a weekday evening, especially Monday or Tuesday, and you’ll free up precious weekend time and avoid long lines.

Simplify meal prep. Don’t sacrifice eating healthy, nutritious food when you’re pressed for time. Instead, look for low- or no-prep meal options like Mann’s Nourish Bowls at the grocery store. These ready-to-eat, single-serve meals feature superfood veggies like sweet potato, kohlrabi and kale. Developed by chefs, the bowls are ready in just a couple of minutes in your microwave. Serve as a standalone meal or as a base with your favorite protein.

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