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“This little ‘shop local’ deal paid for my year, and I have some dollars left over. Anything from here on out is profit. Helluva deal.”
– Bruce Behymer, Harvey County Now
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Weddings - 11/6/2023
After a joyous holiday season, engaged couples turn their focus to wedding planning in January. Weddings serves as the perfect conduit to connect happy couples with the vendors who can help them turn their dream weddings into reality.

Health & Wellness - 11/20/2023
A new years marks the perfect time to begin a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Health & Wellness appeals to health-conscious readers and the many businesses and advertisers who can help them live healthier in the year ahead.

Spring Home - 12/5/2023
Spring is a season of both rejuvenation and renovation. Spring Home is tailor-made for homeowners looking to renovate their homes and the many contractors and specialists who can turn their visions into awe-inspiring properties.

Senior Health - 12/18/2023
Advancements in medicine have led to higher aging populations than at any other time in history. Senior Health has all aging individuals and their families need to ensure seniors live happy and healthy well into their golden years.

On the Road - 1/5/2024
Rising temperatures make spring the perfect season to take to the open road. As drivers prepare to spend their weekends behind the wheel, On the Road can be used to attract a range of automotive and travel-based advertisers who can make road trip season that much better.

Women's Health (mini)- 1/19/2024
Healthy living is foremost on the minds of millions of women across the globe. Women's Health highlights a range of health issues and provides a host of tie-in opportunities for local businesses that can help women live their healthiest lives.

Modern Real Estate - 2/5/2024
Property values are soaring, so now is an ideal time to shine a light on the many issues affecting the real estate market. Modern Real Estate can help buyers and sellers navigate this multi-faceted industry, making this well-timed section an ideal opportunity for businesses with a stake in the local real estate market to make their presence felt.

In the Classroom - 2/19/2024
Success has many authors, and a successful school year is the byproduct of hard work on the part of teachers, educators and parents. In the Classroom draws attention to those efforts while offering a range of articles on how students can maintain their momentum as one school year ends and another soon begins.

All About Pets 3/5/2024
Pets are full-fledged members of the family, as evidenced by the multi-billion dollar pet care industry. With a focus on pet care, pet health and a range of additional related topics, All About Pets can help editors and advertisers connect with readers who know nothing is too good for their furry friends.

Caregivers Guide - 3/20/2024
Millions of individuals play the role of caregiver each day. Whether it's invaluable professionals like nurses or informal caregivers like family and friends, these unique individuals are worthy of appreciation and attention. Caregivers Guide highlights the extraordinary individuals who devote so much of their lives to helping others.

Active Seniors - 4/5/2024
Today's seniors love to get up and go. Active Seniors capitalizes on aging individuals' joie de vivre with a range of articles focusing on enjoying one's golden years to the fullest.

Men Today 4/19/2024
Men Today focuses on healthy living and serves as an ideal way for local advertisers to connect with health-conscious men.

Active Living - 5/6/2024
The benefits of physical activity are innumerable and undeniable. Featuring everything from fitness tips to activity ideas and more, Active Living is the perfect companion for physically active individuals and the many businesses that can help them achieve their goals.

Brides - 5/20/2024
Wedding season hits full swing in the third quarter. Brides can help local vendors and businesses capitalize on wedding season by running alongside a host of features designed to help today's brides and grooms ensure their big day goes off without a hitch.

Renos & Remodels - 6/5/2024
The home renovation industry is booming as homeowners continue to look for ways to improve their properties. Renos & Remodels offers ideas and inspiration to renovation-minded homeowners, making it an ideal opportunity for local contractors to highlight their services.

Fun & Games (mini) - 6/20/2024
Games and puzzles remain a wildly popular way to pass the time. Fun & Games makes it easy for local businesses to capitalize on that popularity and reach a diverse range of consumers.

Fall Kickoff Guide - 7/5/2024
Sports come back in a big way each fall. With a focus on scholastic sports, pro and college football, and more, Fall Kickoff Guide is a great way for local businesses to connect with enthusiastic sports fans who can't wait to see their favorite athletes back on the playing field.

Holiday Gift Guide - 7/19/2024
Savvy shoppers know it's never too early to start shopping for the holiday season. Holiday Gift Guide caters to holiday shoppers and the many local businesses looking to capitalize on the lucrative holiday shopping market.

Breast Cancer Awareness - 8/5/2024
Breast Cancer is a formidable disease that affects millions of women across the globe each year. Breast Cancer Awareness focuses on what women can and what has already been done to defeat this disease once and for all.

Holiday Lifestyle - 8/19/2024
The holiday season is a magical time of year. Holiday Lifestyle focuses on the many ways celebrants can make this season even more special, and local retailers won't want this unique chance to highlight their own goods and services.

A Night Out - 9/5/2024
Few things are as enjoyable and memorable as a night out on the town. A Night Out can help businesses make the most of consumers' affinity for entertaining evenings by running alongside a host of features focusing on the many ways to make the most of local nightlife.

Home Interiors - 9/20/23
Few things can give a home a fresh feel more effectively than some adjustments to its interior. Home Interiors is the perfect place for a range of local businesses to advertise how they can help homeowners transform any room in the house.

Holiday Recipes (mini) - 9/20/23
The kitchen is a hectic place in many homes come the holiday season. This collection of holiday recipes can inspire home cooks to serve up something special during family dinners and holiday parties.

Money Matters - 10/5/23
Effective money management is a key to long-term financial success. Money Matters covers a range of topics, from budgeting tips to retirement planning and more, making it an ideal opportunity for local finance professionals to connect with readers looking to secure their financial futures.

Organizing Your Home (mini) - 10/20/23
As the hectic holiday season draws to a close, homeowners may need a little help getting their homes back in order. Organizing Your Home is an invaluable resource for local businesses who can help readers looking to regain control of the places they call home.

Holiday Hosting (mini) - 10/20/23
Holiday gatherings are back in full swing. Holiday Hosting is designed for readers who will be welcoming their loved ones with open arms between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.

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