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Family of Services Overview

Family of Services Overview

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Metro Creative Graphics, Inc. is a leading provider of advertising, creative and editorial resources designed to help media companies create, sell and profit with their print, online and mobile products. With an unparalleled dedication to providing the finest resources available for ready-to-use images, spec ads, ideas, stock-quality photos, logos/trademarks, auto manufacturer photos, marketing/sales materials, copyright-free editorial features, print templated sections, online e-Sections, and groundbreaking digital ad development tools — plus custom image, ad design and editorial services — Metro is unmatched in serving the creative needs of today's media companies.

CREATIVE SERVICES FOR PRINT, ONLINE AND MOBILE: (MCC) is your one-stop resource for all your creative images, ads, editorial and planning needs for online, mobile, social and print projects. Here, you will access the ultimate database of industry-specific material, comprised of the content from each of Metro's services. Conveniently delivered to you online in the MCC Libraries, it is accessible to an unlimited number of users, any time, anywhere, from any computer with Internet access.

Easily search and download from the ever-growing collection of images, hi-res photos and spec ad templates within MCC. You can also benefit from MCC's Lightbox and Project Organizer — save selections; connect people or departments with shared projects; create virtual teams for increased productivity and communication.

MCC is the must-have resource to increase efficiency in your daily workflow, from planning to production. Complete ads are delivered in QuarkXPress® and InDesign® formats, with individual ad elements conveniently available for customizing in any other application. The services in the MCC Libraries include:

  • Metro® Newspaper Service – This indispensable resource of art, photos, ads and ideas is one that every publication needs to fulfill the daily creative demands of advertisers and production teams. With the in-depth compilation of timely images, ideas and spec ads, you are fully covered for every sellable event and important advertiser category. Corresponding Web ads are also provided for all key advertisers.
  • Metro Campaigns & Classified – Innovative ads, campaigns and promotions form the core of this service, including art and photos for your important automotive, recruitment and real estate print and online advertising needs. Further increase ad sales armed with campaigns for key advertisers, themed directories, self-promotion ads and circulation-building ideas, as well as print and Web ad combos.
  • MiAD Spec Ad Library – Spec ads sell, and this monthly service is ready to go with ad layouts based on popular advertising themes such as bridal, home, automotive services, health and fitness, pets, seniors and more. Themes correspond to at least one of the most saleable ad categories of the month, and complement one or more of the fully-templated section themes. Corresponding Web ads are also included for selected advertisers. Plus, all ads are MiAD enabled for immediate customization and presentation.
  • Metro Holiday Advertising Service – This guaranteed moneymaker for your holiday selling season contains holiday art, photos, covers, headings and ads covering the biggest end-of-year sales opportunities. Spanning the season from Thanksgiving through Christmas and New Year's, this is one complete, easy-to-sell package for boosting end-of-year revenue.
  • Metro Automotive Photos Library – In a single, easy-to-use location, this exceptional online service gives you a valuable archive of auto images from 2000 to present, for all makes and models. Choose from multiple, consistently lit views of each vehicle, color views for every manufacturer color, three interior shots of each vehicle, as well as location backgrounds for use with any model, to satisfy your auto advertisers and ad designs.
  • Metro Logos & Trademarks Library – Choose from the thousands of color and black-and-white logos and trademarks you need to assist advertisers in connecting their businesses with the nationally known brands that consumers want, in one easy-to-use location.


  • Online Themed Section Websites – Premium quality, online themed sections — ready to go live and sell — help you improve your online presence and grow revenue with a program that takes minimal effort yet delivers a maximum return. Sites like these can change the game for you in terms of online advertisers, and visitors, who will flock to your timely and engaging online sections. Say goodbye to old-fashioned section pdfs and hello to new online revenue.
  • Fully-templated Print Special Sections (TSS) – Professionally-designed, fully-templated sections are available each month for key topics that are ready to present, sell and print. The time savings alone needed to create each of these dynamic sections is reason enough to subscribe. At least two of the monthly Templated Special Sections correspond to an online e-Section so you also increase your opportunities for print and Web combination sales.
  • Metro Editorial Features – Get copyright-free, non-branded stories for print or online use in specialty and everyday pages and publications. Find features for themes such as home, health and pets, as well as general-interest, calendar- and event-related stories. In addition, benefit from bonus, reader-friendly content, perfect for sponsorships, including: Weekly crossword, word search, word scramble and Crypto Fun puzzles; Kids' Corner educational games and trivia; recipes; horoscopes; as well as daily Sudoku puzzles.


ADS is your go-to resource for print and online programs and tools that help increase productivity, cost-savings and revenue.

  • Metro e-Connect – Here is a multimedia advertising solution that you and your advertisers will love for driving cross-platform sales. Key features include: Online Themed Websites (described above) and Themed Directories. Ready to implement through a user-friendly CMS, all sections and directories can be live in minutes so you can start selling and significantly increase online revenue.
  • MiAD Wizard for Desktop & Mobile – With the revolutionary ad Wizard, you can personalize spec ads with only a Web browser and an Internet connection. The Wizard is simple to use, yet delivers sophisticated results, making it the perfect resource for easily and quickly creating personalized spec ads for every sales call.  Ads from each of Metro's services are Wizard-enabled to provide the options needed for all advertisers.
  • Metro ADS On Demand™ (AOD) – Custom print, Web and mobile ads designed within your client specifications and deadline is what Metro ADS On Demand is all about. From the simplest to the most complex ad and design work, know that AOD is available to you with a convenient online ordering system, fast turnaround, no long-term contracts and no ad quantity commitments — the help you need, when you need it. There is even an app available so that you can work with AOD when you are on the road.


These added-value resources are designed to help you get the most out of your Metro services with plan-ahead tools, training and ideas, ideas, ideas!

  • Metro Plus Business® – Monthly articles describe the "how-tos" of executing successful ad and promotion ideas that other media publishers have already proven profitable for creating special sections, contests, themed pages, sales incentives, special events, Web pages, and more. Search, select and print stories from the MCC Sales Ideas area, as well as the popular MetroIdeas pages and email communications.
  • Metro Interactive Planning Calendar – This indispensable tool puts a first-rate information resource at your fingertips. Continuously updated, this perpetual calendar of monthly, weekly and daily events, with contact information and sales tips, will help you seize every opportunity to generate revenue throughout the year.
  • Metro Client Services & Training – Our renowned Regional Managers and Client Services team is here to help answer your questions, provide technical support, and take custom requests. Ongoing e-mail communications, Webinars and training tools are a further extension to this valuable support component, as well as individual and group training.
  • Metro SearchBooks – View new service content from Metro Newspaper Service (MNS), Multi-Platform Ad Packages, Campaigns & Classified, and MiAD Spec Ad Library in your Metro online interactive SearchBooks™, which let you click any page to immediately access and download the content.

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