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World Social Work Day

March 15th, 2024

Company: International Federation of Social Workers
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World Social Work Day was established to shed light on the important work social workers provide, as well as to ensure that the public has access to the resources they need. Every year, World Social Work Day is celebrated the third Tuesday of March, and the event began back in 2007. However, origins of World Social Work Day can be traced back even further.

In 1983, IFSW United Nations Representatives in New York, led by Jack A. Kamaiko proposed a project to bring social workers of the area into the UN Headquarters in New York. This was the beginning of an annual celebration called Social Work Day at the United Nations. The original idea behind the Social Work Day was to organize an event that could be a way of interpreting the work of the United Nations to the social work profession and of alerting social workers to the means by which they can collaborate with the NGO´s on humanitarian issues.

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