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World Marrow Donor Day

September 16th, 2023

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World Marrow Donnor Day or WMDD is a global event that takes place on the third Saturday of September every year. It began in Europe and has grown around the world as a method to spread greater awareness of the necessity for bone marrow donations, as well as the many other donations of blood, stem cells and more that help people fight horrific diseases. For many children and adults in need of a transplant hospitals are unable to find a match within the global registry of 30 million donors and therefore, more potential volunteer donors need to be recruited to save the mostlives possible. WMDD helps get the word out to improve donor registries and chances of helping those in need.

Through #WMDD AND #THANKYOUDONOR events, thousands of people suffering from blood cancers can be helped. Publications can spread the word about these diseases and the treatment options available, and rely on Metro's ready-to-run editorial as well as extensive image library to make educating the public even easier. Just search the catalogs at using keywords "leukemia," "cancer" or "bone marrow."

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