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Winter Begins

December 21st - March 19th

In the Northern Hemisphere winter begins today with the winter solstice, at 12:11 pm, EST. Note that in the Southern Hemisphere today is the beginning of summer. Between the equator and Arctic Circle the sunrise and sunset points on the horizon are farthest south for the year, and day light length is minimal. 

Seasonal changes affect everyone, and the start of winter can be the ideal time to approach advertisers who have potential wintertime tie-in opportunities. Consider those businesses that involve: snow removal, heating and insulation, fireplace maintenance, wood-delivery services, weather damage remediation, roofing, electricians and lighting experts, outerwear retailers, and much more. Customized, winter-related ads are a relatively easy sell and Metro is here to help you with ideal imagery and spec ads to get the ball rolling!

Additional December Events

Saint Nicholas Day
December 7th, 2023


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