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Take Your Pet to Work Week®

June 17th - June 21st

Company: Pet Sitters International
Web site:

Take Your Pet to Work Week® is an opportunity for businesses to open up their doors to four-legged friends and other types of pets. The opportunity for animals and their owners to mingle abounds, and it's a great way for socialization.

All year long there are scores of events tailor made for finned, feathered or furry friends. Use these pet-related events for a springboard for all sorts of marketing and inclusive promotions. Just about any retailer can tie into a pet-related sponsorship or event, but pet stores, groomers, dog sitters/walkers, pet hotels, veterinarians, pet waste clean-up companies, and much more are ideal businesses for complementary advertising. Search the wealth of pet material in Metro's Editorial and Creative Libraries.

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