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Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs Month


With the arrival of spring, pet owners and the dogs venture outside anew. At the same time, ticks are ramping up for another season of finding unsuspecting hosts upon which to feed. Lyme disease is a serious condition that can affect humans and dogs alike. Certain ticks are notorious for spreading Lyme disease, notably the deer tick. Through proper education and prevention measures, like using a tick repellent on dogs, owners can keep their pooches safe and healthy.


Pets need to watch out for ticks, too. All year long there are scores of events tailor made for finned, feathered or furry friends. Use these pet-related events for a springboard for all sorts of marketing and inclusive promotions. Just about any retailer can tie into a pet-related sponsorship or event, but pet stores, groomers, dog sitters/walkers, pet hotels, veterinarians, pet waste clean-up companies, and much more are ideal businesses for complementary advertising. Search the wealth of pet material in Metro's Editorial and Creative Libraries to add more bite to promotional efforts.

Additional April Events

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