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Poison Prevention Awareness Month


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Poison Prevention Awareness Month serves to educate parents, grandparents, school children and PTAs about accidental poisoning and how to prevent it. More than 2 million poisonings are reported each year to the 57 poison control centers across the country. More than 90 percent of these poisonings occur in the home. One poison exposure is reported to U.S. poison control centers every 15 seconds. The majority of non-fatal poisonings occur in children younger than six years old. And, poisonings are one of the leading causes of death among adults.

In addition to the month-long observance, the third week in March each year is designated as National Poison Prevention Week. The week is an opportunity to highlight the dangers of poisonings for people of all ages and promote community involvement in poisoning prevention. People are urged to call the hotline 1-800-222-1222 for information regarding potential poison contact or ingestion.


This is an essential time of the year to highlight the dangers of poisons to keep people safe. The month also plays home to both Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month and National Poison Prevention Week. Utilize Metro's resources to educate about the potential poisons that impact adults, children and even pets. Search March content for a variety of options for sales and awareness opportunities that can help promote poison prevention outreach programs, hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, veterinarians, schools, and community centers.

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