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Peanut Butter Lovers’ Month


Company: Southern Peanut Growers
Telephone: (770) 998-7311
Web site:

Peanuts have been around for centuries and enjoyed by many cultures as a favorite food. Africans ground peanuts into stews as early as the 1400s; Chinese have crushed peanuts into creamy sauces for centuries; and Civil War soldiers dined on “peanut porridge”. In North America, one of the more popular ways to enjoy peanuts is ground smooth into a butter and spread on sandwiches. In November people celebrate the versatile and delicious peanut, which isn't a nut but actually a legume.

Search Metro's Recipes for delicious desserts and savory foods that feature peanut butter as a main ingredient.

Additional November Events

GERD Awareness Week
November 19th - November 25th


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