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New Homeowner’s Day

May 1st, 2023

May 1st is New Homeowner's Day. May is a popular month for purchasing a new home, thus the chosen calendar date for celebration. New Homeowner's Day is also a great time to reflect on how far a person has come on their home-buying journey, and how far he or she can still go. Individuals can look back on completed household projects or draw up some plans for new improvements.


New home ownership involves many different chores to tackle. A community resource for new buyers can be the perfect way to get homeowners and advertisers' and nearby businesses familiar with the services and products in their area. Metro's Spec Ads and Templated Special Sections are ideal avenues for putting together a customized "home" resource.

Additional May Events

Cinco De Mayo
May 5th, 2023

Children’s Book Week
May 1st - May 7th


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