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National Tip Day

March 21st, 2024

National Tip Day is a time to take inventory of gratuities being offered for different people who perform services. As the cost of living increases, customers may want to revisit the percentage they leave in tips and offer more accordingly. Although there are guidelines regarding tipping, largely it is up to the consumer. Also, as tipping fatigue has set in, where tips are now being requested in places they never were before, customers do not need to feel pressured to give beyond what they feel is correct for the service provided.


Although a tip is never required, often it is the right thing to do. Services provided for when tips are customary include sit-down dining, food delivery, salon and spa treatments, bartender service, hotel housekeeping, party vendor services, and anytime one wants to reward another for an action that went above and beyond. Customers can do their own calculations to determine tip, as sometimes "recommended gratuity" numbers that appear on receipts may fall beyond what customers feel comfortable providing.

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