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National Pizza Day

February 9th, 2024

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National Pizza Day is celebrated annually on February 9th. Whether it is thin crust, Chicago style, deep dish or anything in between, pizza is a favorite food. Here are some pizza facts:

• Pepperoni is on approximately 36% of all pizzas ordered, making this topping the most popular.

• Over 3 billion pizzas are sold in the USA each year. Add another 1 billion on frozen pizzas.

• Seventeen percent of all USA Restaurants are pizzerias.

• Antica Pizzeria, the first pizzeria, opened in Naples, Italy, in 1738.

• Gennaro Lombardi, the first pizzeria in the United States, opened in 1895 in New York City.

• There are  23 lbs of pizza consumed for each person living in the USA each year.


Restaurants in a community can organize a pizza crawl, wherein residents go from pizza joint to pizza joint to enjoy a slice of their favorites in honor of National Pizza Day.

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