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National Newspaper in Education Week

March 4th - March 8th

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Newspaper in Education Week was designed to better serve students, teachers can explore a variety of ways to develop their skills and increase their knowledge. One such move includes bringing newspapers back into the classroom and including them in the array of materials used to teach important information and skills. Newspapers in Education Week is sponsored by an organization called Newspapers in Education, a community of newspapers and professional groups. The earliest incarnation of NIEW can be traced back to June 8, 1795, when the Portland (Maine) Eastern Herald printed editorial showcasing the collaborative work between local newspapers and area schools.


Here are some of the lessons and activities that publishers and educators can work together to provide students:
• Media's purposes and the "why" of media
• Text structures in the newspaper and constructing content
• The First Amendment and school-based publications
• Quotations and interviewing and asking the right question
• Exploring current events

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