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National German American Day

October 6th, 2023

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National German American day has been cbserved since the 19th century. This day pays homage to the contributions of German immigrants to US culture and history. The event is cleverly celebrated on the date in 1683 when 13 Mennonite families disembarked near Philadelphia, PA, from Krefeld. These families later founded Germantown, PA. All who are culturally German from all parts of Europe often take part in festivities on National German American Day. This special day had a boost in popularity when President Ronald Reagan became the first US president to proclaim it in 1987. 

October is the perfect time to showcase German foods, styles, history, and other influences. Home to National German American Day, and continuing Oktoberfest celebrations, this is a month of all things German. Rely on Metro's collection of images from German clothing to beer steins to cultural foods to celebrate #NationalGermanAmericanDay.

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