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National Food Truck Day

June 28th, 2024

Company: Roaming Hunger
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Food truck offerings have exploded in popularity, with many cities and towns now boasting their "fare" share of mobile culinary delights. Food truck items typically are inexpensive and quick, and showcase foods from all different regions of the world. National Eat at a Food Truck day, annually the fourth Friday in June, presents the perfect opportunity to be a patron at one of these roving restaurants.


The Food truck industry is now $2 billion-plus in estimated revenue in cities across the U.S. The industry’s overall revenue has grown 300% in the last three years. Food truck growth is even outpacing overall commercial foodservice, such as restaurants, at a growth of 5.4 percent versus 4.3 percent. Don't miss the opportunity to capitalize on this exciting industry. Use Metro's extensive food and beverage images in the Creative Library of to jump start food truck sales promotions.

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