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National Flag Week

June 11th - June 17th

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On June 14, 1777, the Second Constitutional Congress adopted a flag with thirteen stripes and thirteen stars to represent the U.S. Nation, one star for each of the founding colonies. The stars were set upon a blue field, in the words of the Congress's resolution, "representing a new constellation" in the night sky. What was then a fledgling democracy has flourished and expanded, as the country constantly strives toward a more perfect Union.

Through the successes and struggles faced, the American flag has been ever present. It has flown on ships and military bases around the world as troops continue to defend liberty and democracy abroad. It has been raised in yards and on porches across America on days of celebration, and as a sign of shared heritage. And it is lowered on days of remembrance to honor fallen service members and public servants; or when tragedy strikes and people join together in mourning.

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