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National Farm Safety & Health Week

September 17th - September 23rd

Company: National Education Center For Agricultural Safety
Telephone: (888) 844-6322
Web site:

People have been helping to keep farms safe since 1944.That's when the National Safety Council encouraged President Franklin D. Roosevelt to sign the first National Farm Safety Week proclamation, bringing attention to the hazards and risks of farm work. National Farm Safety and Health Week has been recognized by Presidential Proclamation from every President since then.

This year's theme is Farm Safety Yields Real Results

Educate readers about farm safety, especially tractor and equipment usage. Engineering advancements were developed by tractor and other equipment manufacturers; and these advancements do reduce injuries — but only when they are used properly. Nearly half of all tractors in the U.S. are older models without rollover protective structures (ROPS). Many operators of tractors with ROPS don't use the seatbelt. Promote sales of newer models of farm equipment highlighting necessary safety upgrades.

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