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National Dog Bite Prevention Week

April 9th - April 15th

Company: American Veterinary Medical Association
Telephone: (860) 434-8666 ext 17
Web site:

The U.S. Postal Service, The AVMA, and State Farm Insurance created the National Dog Bite Prevention Week to protect the essential bond between people and their dogs. Educating people about dog bites and responsibility of pet ownership are crucial for healthy society because any dog can bite any person.

Did you know that ...

  • 4.7 million people in this country are bitten by dogs every year
  • children are by far the most common victims
  • 800,000 Americans receive medical attention for dog bites each year
  • children are far more likely to be severely injured; approximately 400,000 receive medical attention every year
  • most dog bites affecting young children occur during everyday activities and while interacting with familiar dogs
  • senior citizens are the second most common dog bite victims

There are a number of things that a person can do to avoid dog bites, ranging from properly training and socializing pets to educating children on how, or if, they should approach a dog.


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