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National Cheesecake Day

July 30th, 2024

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National Cheesecake Day presents dessert-lovers with a chance to enjoy a slice of their favorite variety of cheesecake. Despite "cake" in the name, cheesecake is more of a formed cheese custard served in a crust. Evidence of early cheesecakes can be traced to the Greek island of Samos as far back as 2,000 B.C., though the oldest existing written recipe is credited to Roman politician Marcus Cato around the first century B.C. It is believed that cheesecakes were served to athletes competing during the first Olympic games in 776 B.C. to give them energy.

American cheesecake didn't arrive until roughly the 1800s, and there are different varieties based on region of the country. New York cheesecake is a familiar version, with thick creamy filling and a graham cracker crust. Even though he is best known for his signature sandwiches, Arnold Reuben is generally credited for creating the New York Style cheesecake.

Popular places to get cheesecake include Juniors in NYC and The Cheesecake Factory, which has many franchises.


Search Metro's Recipes in the Editorial Library for step-by-step instructions for cheesecake readers can make at home to promote National Cheesecake Day.

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