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National Banana Split Day

August 25th, 2024

The widely popular "banana split" is believed to be the original creation of David "Doc" Strickler, who was a college student working in a local pharmacy at the time. It was popular for pharmacies to have soda fountains that served a variety of beverages as well as desserts. The "soda jerk" was an employee responsible for mixing soda drinks as well as making ice cream. When a patron walked into the shop and asked Strickler for something different, he used his imagination and the banana split was born. While pharmacy soda counters are largely no more, the banana split is staple at ice cream purveyors around the country.

Classically served in a long dish, called a boat, a banana is cut in half lengthwise and laid in the dish with scoops of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream placed in between. The strawberry ice cream is complimented with pineapple topping, chocolate syrup is poured on the vanilla ice cream and strawberry topping covers the chocolate ice cream. Crushed nuts, whipped cream and maraschino cherries garnish the entire boat.


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