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June Is Turkey Lovers’ Month


Company: National Turkey Federation
Telephone: (202) 898-0100
Web site:

"June is Turkey Lovers'® Month," and it's the perfect opportunity to blend two of America's favorite summer treats—turkey and grilling. Americans eat close to 20 pounds of turkey per person and fire up their grills more than 2.7 billion times each year.

With society's increasing demand for great food without a lot of work, it is easy to see why turkey and grilling are growing in popularity. Turkey, for instance, is more convenient than ever. The variety of turkey products available in the local grocery store keeps increasing. Turkey tenderloins, steaks, boneless breasts and drums are a delicious, economical way to enjoy the great taste of turkey throughout the year. These cuts are perfect for the grill, and leftovers are ideal for summer picnics and making great salads, sandwiches and snacks. Just about anywhere another type of meat can be used, turkey can fill in quite deliciously.

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