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December 23rd, 2024

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"Festivus" is a holiday that was featured on the the popular sitcom "Seinfeld," in an episode titled "The Strike." It first aired December 18, 1997. The idea of Festivus was to revolt against holiday materialism, and involved such practices as the Festivus Pole — an unadorned aluminum pole, "Airing of Grievances," and "Feats of Strength." Although Festivus was fictionalized on the show, it is purported to have originated in the household of Dan O'Keefe, the television writer credited with penning this episode of "Seinfeld."

Festivus, much like many references on the show, has achieved pop culture status. Festivus celebrations now are included on many people's holiday social calendars. The episode can still be viewed in syndication for die-hard fans.

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