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Boxing Day (Canada & UK)

December 26th, 2023

Boxing Day is ordinarily observed on the first day after Christmas. It is a legal holiday in Canada, the UK and some former British territories. It's a day when Christmas gift boxes were "regularly expected by a postman, the lamplighter, the dustman and generally by all those functionaries who render services to the public at large without receiving payment therefore from any individual." According to some Boxing Day also can be traced back to the Victorian era when churches often displayed a box into which their parishioners put donations. Even though some still use the opportunity to give gifts to various service providers, today Boxing Day has largely become an opportunity to grab deep discounts at various Boxing Day sales. Boxing Day is also a Bank Holiday in the United Kingdom.


Boxing Day is a public holiday in Canada, Australia and parts of the United Kingdom. Visit for ready-to-sell Boxing Day Sales ads, along with additional layouts in the MCC Spec Ads & Covers Library. In order to distinguish your searches for holiday material from boxing, the sport, use the two words, "boxing" and "Canada" as keywords, and select the Exact Match button above the search box.

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