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Back to the Future Day

October 21st, 2024

In the blockbuster film series "Back to the Future," teenager Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) interrupts time and space during various points of time in history, with the help of a time-crossing DeLorean and the smarts of one Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd). In the first film, Marty leaves home on October 26, 1985 and travels through history to November 5, 1955, spending a week meddling in this poodle skirt-wearing era. "Back to the Future Part II," released in 1989, starts out set in 1985 where the previous film in the series left off. Marty, along with Doc, and Jennifer Parker, played by Elisabeth Shue, travel to the future in Doc's DeLorean to save Marty and Jennifer's future children. The date they travel to is Oct. 21, 2015. It is this date that becomes solidified as the first official Back to the Future Day, and has been celebrated from 2015 onward.


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