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About Metro interactive Ad Designer (MiAD)

Metro interactive Ad Designer (MiAD)

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MiAD™ Desktop is a Web-based ad makeup system that revolutionizes the sales process. It's intuitive interface enables sales reps to prepare customer-centric spec ads in minutes, dramatically improving the chances of closing a sale.

Without any wait time for getting presentation-ready spec ads, sales reps can more effectively pursue advertising prospects.

MiAD Desktop lets you customize spec ads with only Web browser and an Internet connection:

  • Generate and customize spec ads for just about any sales call. Present them or quickly e-mail them to your advertisers and prospects.
  • Set up directory ads and multi-sponsor promotions, even while on the phone with your customerMake revisions or different versions in seconds, even at your advertiser's location
  • Download high-res PDF or EPS files optimized for pagination, or native Quark documents
  • Do all this with minimal design or software skills.

MiAD is easy to use, yet delivers sophisticated results:

  • Upload and place advertiser logos, products, houses, autos and more; or use content from your MetroCreativeConnection Libraries. You decide what to use in your ads. We'll even store your content online for you, in your own secure area.
  • Produce consistently-designed campaigns and ad programs by easily changing headlines, images and copy to extend additional holidays, events or marketing promotions.
  • Quickly set up multiple-advertiser locations as easily as typing in their location and contact information.
  • Click the Auto-Fit feature for multiple-item ads, and MiAD will intelligently format your data using the specific items you want, while retaining intricate layout designs. Eight, 10, 12 items... it's up to you. Imagine how quickly you will be able to produce auto, real estate and other multiple-item ads!

MiAD Desktop is exclusively offered to Metro subscribers. To set up a free trial of MiAD Desktop, call Metro Client Services at 800-223-1600, or e-mail

Once you try MiAD, we know you'll agree that it is the fastest and easiest way to get professional-quality spec ads and finished ads to present to your advertisers with minimum skills, effort and time so you can... close more sales!


Please login to access this valuable information. If you forgot your Username or Password, please call Metro's Client Services Team at 800.223.1600 or email (M-F, 8:45am - 5:45pm EST).