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MiAD Quick Overview
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For further info and pricing call Metro's Client Services Team at 800-223-1600.

MiAD Tutorial
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MiAD Overview & User Guide (PDF)
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MiAD Quick Start Guide (PDF)
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Metro interactive Ad Designer (MiAD)

MiAD is a Web-based ad makeup system that revolutionizes the sales process. It’s intuitive interface enables sales reps to prepare customer-centric spec ads in minutes, dramatically improving the chances of closing a sale. We all know that spec ads sell, but getting them for every advertiser presentation is always a challenge. With MiAD, this barrier is removed so sales reps can more effectively pursue advertising prospects and make more money.
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MiAD/MiAD Spec Ad Library Package

Armed with the 1-2 punch of MiAD and the MiAD Spec Ad Library you can finally have eye-catching spec ads in hand to present to every advertiser and close more sales.
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Getting Started With Metro interactive Ad Designer (MiAD)

MiAD is an extremely valuable and user-friendly tool. Whether you are creating spec ads to present to advertisers in person or via email, or are responsible for producing multiple ads with limited time and resources, you will find MiAD to be a great help, while being fun to use. So, let's get you started...
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Special Free Trial

Call our client services team at 800.223.1600, or email, to set up your free trial of the MiAD/MiAD Spec Ad Library package. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
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