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Fully-templated Print & Digital Special Sections Overview

Fully-templated Print & Digital Special Sections Overview

Now you can get a complete, ready-to-sell special sections package for print and online — the ultimate combination you need to attract advertisers and readers, grow revenue, and expand your multimedia efforts.


Editorial Features, Games & Puzzles Overview & Access

Editorial Features, Games & Puzzles Overview & Access

As a Metro subscriber, you get copyright-free stories for print or online use in specialty and everyday pages and publications. In addition, get bonus material to add reader interest including: Weekly crossword, word search, word scramble and crypto fun puzzles; Kids’ Corner educational games and trivia; recipes; horoscopes; as well as daily Metro Sudoku puzzles. As an added bonus, get promo ads, print cover designs, and ready-to-sell multiple-advertiser pages. Want a ready-made solution? Then look to Metro's fully-templated print and online sections.


Fully-templated Print & Online Special Sections Schedule

Fully-templated Print & Online Special Sections Schedule

Expand your print and digital special section sales with these fully-templated options. Each month, Metro delivers new section opportunities filled with fresh content and ready-to-sell ad positions so you can create, sell and profit.


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Free Advertorial Features

Every month Metro creates, distributes and posts a collection of features to help you save time, save money and make money with both print and online special sections, niche publications, specialty pages and projects. The following is a sampling of available features.

ACCESS TO METRO'S COMPLETE EDITORIAL LIBRARY IS BY SUBSCRIPTION ONLY AND INCLUDES: Non-branded features; recipes; horoscopes; Kids Corner; as well as crossword, suduko, word find and crypto fun puzzles. Fully-templated print and online special sections are also available by subscription. Call 800-223-1600 for further info.


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