Metro Creative Connection


Monthly Events

Air Conditioning Appreciation Days

Cell Phone Courtesy Month

Herbal/Prescription Interaction Awareness Month

July is Free Community Paper Month

Leo, the Lion (7/23-8/22)

National Doghouse Repairs Month

National Grilling Month

National Horseradish Month

National Hot Dog Month

National Ice Cream Month

National Make a Difference to Children Month

National Park and Recreation Month

National Vacation Rental Month

National Watermelon Month

Smart Irrigation Month

Women’s Motorcycle Month

Weekly Events

Halfway Point of 2017
Jul 1st - Jul 1st

Ten Thousand Crestonians
Jul 1st - Jul 4th

The Championships at Wimbledon
Jul 3rd - Jul 16th

Canada: The North American Tournament
Jul 5th - Jul 9th

Marion County Fair
Jul 6th - Jul 9th

Canada Calgary Stampede
Jul 7th - Jul 16th

Newport Music Festival
Jul 7th - Jul 23rd

Three Rivers Festival
Jul 7th - Jul 15th

Spain: Running of the Bulls
Jul 7th - Jul 14th

Jul 7th - Jul 9th

National Farrier’s Week
Jul 8th - Jul 14th

Canada: Harrison Festival of the Arts
Jul 8th - Jul 16th

Art Fair on the Square
Jul 8th - Jul 9th

US Women's Open Championship
Jul 13th - Jul 16th

Sherwood Robin Hood Festival
Jul 14th - Jul 16th

Big Sky State Games
Jul 14th - Jul 16th

Circus City Festival
Jul 15th - Jul 22nd

England: The Open Championship (British Open)
Jul 16th - Jul 23rd

Captive Nations Week
Jul 17th - Jul 22nd

US Junior Amateur (Golf) Championship
Jul 17th - Jul 22nd

Snake River Stampede
Jul 18th - Jul 22nd

Restless Leg Syndrome Education and Awareness Week
Jul 18th - Jul 25th

National Baby Food Festival
Jul 19th - Jul 22nd

England: Farnborough International Airshow
Jul 20th - Jul 22nd

Comic Con International
Jul 20th - Jul 23rd

Delaware State Fair
Jul 20th - Jul 29th

Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair
Jul 20th - Jul 23rd

Yarmouth Clam Festival
Jul 21st - Jul 23rd

The Great Wellsville Balloon Rally
Jul 21st - Jul 23rd

North Dakota State Fair
Jul 21st - Jul 29th

Ohio State Fair
Jul 26th - Aug 6th

Oregon Brewers Festival
Jul 26th - Jul 30th

Montana State Fair
Jul 28th - Aug 5th

Ninth of Av
Jul 31st - Aug 1st

Daily Events

Canada Day (150th Anniversary)
Jul 1st

First Solo Round the World Balloon Flight: Anniversary, 2002
Jul 2nd

Stay Out of the Sun Day
Jul 3rd

AJC Peachtree Road Race
Jul 4th

Independence Day - July 4th
Jul 4th

Adams, John, and Jefferson, Thomas: Death Anniversary, 1826
Jul 4th

"America the Beautiful" Published: Anniversary, 1895
Jul 4th

Declaration of Independence Approval and Signing: Anniversary, 1776
Jul 4th

Copy Of Adams, John, and Jefferson, Thomas: Death Anniversary, 1826
Jul 4th

Bikini Debut: Anniversary, 1946
Jul 5th

Major League Baseball Holds First All Star Game: Anniversary, 1933
Jul 6th

Republican Party Formed: Anniversary, 1854
Jul 6th

Chagall Marc: Birth Anniversary, 1887
Jul 7th

Moon Phase: Full Buck Moon
Jul 9th

International Town Criers Day
Jul 10th

Major League Baseball All-Star Game
Jul 11th

United Nations: World Population Day
Jul 11th

Kiribati Independence Day: Anniversary 1979
Jul 12th

"Live Aid" Concerts: Anniversary, 1985
Jul 13th

World Cup Inaugurated: Anniversary, 1930
Jul 13th

Ford, Gerald Rudolph, Birth Anniversary, 1917
Jul 14th

Guthrie, Woodrow Wilson "Woody": Anniversary, 1912
Jul 14th

France: Bastille Day or Fete Nationale
Jul 14th

National Motorcycle Day
Jul 14th

National Woody Wagon Day
Jul 15th

Wells, Ida B: Anniversary, 1862
Jul 16th

Moon Phase: Third Quarter
Jul 16th

National Ice Cream Day
Jul 17th

National Get Out of the Doghouse Day
Jul 17th

Disneyland Opened: Anniversary, 1955
Jul 17th

Minimum Legal Drinking Age at 21: Anniversary, 1984
Jul 17th

Spanish Civil War Begins: Anniversary, 1936
Jul 17th

Mandela Day
Jul 18th

First Perfect Score in Olympic History: Anniversary, 1976
Jul 18th

Special Olympics Day: Anniversary, 1968
Jul 20th

Riot Act: Anniversary, 1715
Jul 20th

First Man on Moon
Jul 20th

National Women's Hall of Fame: Anniversary, 1979
Jul 21st

National Junk Food Day
Jul 21st

Rat Catchers Day
Jul 22nd

Leo, the Lion (7/23-8/22)
Jul 23rd

Aunties Day
Jul 23rd

First US Swimming School Opens: Anniversary, 1827
Jul 23rd

Moon Phase: New Moon
Jul 23rd

National Drive-Thru Day
Jul 24th

National Tell an Old Joke Day
Jul 24th

Puerto Rico Constitution Day: Anniversary 1952
Jul 25th

National Chili Dog Day
Jul 27th

NASA Established: Anniversary, 1958
Jul 29th

Moon Phase: First Quarter
Jul 30th

US Patent Office Opens: Anniversary, 1790
Jul 31st

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