Metro Creative Connection


Monthly Events

Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month

American Cheese Month

Celebrating Bilingual Child Month

Celiac Disease Awareness Month

Co-Op Awareness Month

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Dyslexia Awareness Month

Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month

German American Heritage Month

Global Diversity Awareness Month

Halloween Safety Month

Health Literacy Month

Home Eye Safety Month

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning Queer (LGBTQQ) History Month

National Animal Safety and Protection Month

National Arts and Humanities Month

National Audiology Awareness Month/ Protect Your Hearing Month

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

National Bullying Prevention Month

National Chiropractic Health Month

National Crime Prevention Month

National Dental Hygiene Month

National Depression Education & Awareness Month

National Disability Employment Awareness Month

National Domestic Violence Awarenesss Month

National Down Syndrome Month

National Field Trip Month

National Kitchen and Bath Month

National Liver Awareness Month

National Medical Librarians Month

National Orthodontic Health Month

National Physical Therapy Month

National Popcorn Poppin’ Month

National Reading Group Month

National Roller Skating Month

National Spina Bifida Awareness Month

National Stamp Collecting Month

National Stop Bullying Month

National Women's Small Business Month

National Work & Family Month

October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month

Organize Your Medical Information Month

Polish American Heritage Month

Positive Attitude Month

Rett Syndrome Awareness Month

Scorpio, The Scorpion (10/23-11/21)

Spinach Lovers Month

Squirrel Awareness Month

Talk about Prescriptions Month

Vegetarian Month

World Menopause Month

Weekly Events

National Chimney Safety Week
Oct 1st - Oct 7th

Great Books Week
Oct 1st - Oct 7th

Mental Illness Awareness Week
Oct 1st - Oct 7th

Mystery Series Week
Oct 1st - Oct 7th

National Carry a Tune Week
Oct 1st - Oct 7th

National Work From Home Week
Oct 1st - Oct 7th

National Newspaper Week
Oct 1st - Oct 7th

Fryeburg Fair
Oct 1st - Oct 8th

National Chimney Safety Week
Oct 1st - Oct 7th

Kids’ Goal Setting Week
Oct 2nd - Oct 8th

Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Week
Oct 2nd - Oct 8th

World Dairy Expo
Oct 3rd - Oct 7th

Oct 4th - Oct 11th

Mississippi State Fair
Oct 4th - Oct 15th

United Nations: World Space Week
Oct 4th - Oct 10th

Georgia National Fair
Oct 5th - Oct 15th

Great American Beer Festival
Oct 5th - Oct 9th

Columbus Day Festival and Hot - Air Balloon Regatta
Oct 6th - Oct 8th

Ocean County Columbus Day Parade and Italian Festival
Oct 6th - Oct 8th

Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Festival
Oct 6th - Oct 7th

National Physicians Assistants (PA) Week
Oct 6th - Oct 12th

Kentucky Apple Festival
Oct 7th - Oct 8th

Albuquerque International Balloon Festival
Oct 7th - Oct 15th

Apple Butter Festival
Oct 7th - Oct 8th

Cohocton Fall Foliage Festival
Oct 7th - Oct 8th

National Apple Harvest Festival
Oct 7th - Oct 8th

Burgoo Festival
Oct 7th - Oct 8th

US Mid Amateur (Golf ) Championship
Oct 7th - Oct 12th

Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive
Oct 7th - Oct 8th

National Fire Prevention Week
Oct 8th - Oct 14th

Emergency Nurses Week
Oct 8th - Oct 14th

National Metric Week
Oct 8th - Oct 14th

Teen Read Week™
Oct 8th - Oct 14th

National School Lunch Week
Oct 9th - Oct 13th

Take Your Medicine, Americans Week
Oct 10th - Oct 17th

South Carolina State Fair
Oct 11th - Oct 22nd

World Rainforest Week
Oct 12th - Oct 18th

Chicago International Film Festival
Oct 12th - Oct 26th

Rockport - Fulton Seafair
Oct 12th - Oct 15th

North Carolina State Fair
Oct 12th - Oct 22nd

Algonquin Mill Fall Festival
Oct 13th - Oct 15th

Arizona State Fair
Oct 13th - Nov 5th

Arkansas State Fair and Livestock Show
Oct 13th - Oct 22nd

Mississinewa 1812
Oct 13th - Oct 15th

Prater's Mill Country Fair
Oct 14th - Oct 15th

Scenic Drive Festival
Oct 14th - Oct 15th

Northern International Livestock Exposition
Oct 14th - Oct 20th

National Food Bank Week
Oct 15th - Oct 21st

Wishbone for Pets
Oct 15th - Nov 30th

National Character Counts Week
Oct 15th - Oct 21st

National Chemistry Week
Oct 15th - Oct 21st

National School Bus Safety Week
Oct 16th - Oct 20th

East Texas Yamboree
Oct 18th - Oct 21st

Apple Butter Stirrin'
Oct 20th - Oct 22nd

Missouri Day Festival
Oct 20th - Oct 22nd

National Massage Therapy Awareness Week®
Oct 22nd - Oct 28th

National Nuclear Science Week
Oct 23rd - Oct 27th

International Magic Week
Oct 25th - Oct 31st

State Fair of Louisiana
Oct 26th - Nov 12th

Daily Events

Firepup’s® Birthday
Oct 1st

UN: International Day of Older Persons
Oct 1st

World Vegetarian Day
Oct 1st

Country Inn, Bed and Breakfast Day
Oct 1st

World Communion Sunday
Oct 1st

CD Player Debuts: Anniversary, 1982
Oct 1st

International Coffee Day
Oct 1st

Child Health Day
Oct 2nd

United Nations: World Habitat Day
Oct 2nd

National Custodial Workers Day
Oct 2nd

United Nations: International Day of Nonviolence
Oct 2nd

World Day for Farmed Animals
Oct 2nd

UN: World Teachers’ Day
Oct 5th

Moon Phase: Full Hunter's Moon
Oct 5th

National Depression Screening Day
Oct 5th

National Diversity Day
Oct 6th

World Smile Day
Oct 6th

National German American Day
Oct 6th

Oct 7th

National Pierogy Day
Oct 8th

Canada: Thanksgiving Day
Oct 9th

Columbus Day
Oct 9th

Leif Erikson Day
Oct 9th

First PGA Championship: 1916, Anniversary
Oct 9th

National Cake Decorating Day
Oct 10th

UN: World Mental Health Day
Oct 10th

National Stop Bullying Day
Oct 11th

Emergency Nurses Day
Oct 11th

Moon Phase: Third Quarter
Oct 12th

Navy Birthday
Oct 13th

Mountain Glory Festival
Oct 14th

Home Fire Drill Day
Oct 14th

White Cane Safety Day
Oct 15th

Bridge Day
Oct 15th

National Boss Day
Oct 16th

World Food Day
Oct 16th

Black Poetry Day
Oct 17th

Canada: Persons Day
Oct 18th

World Menopause Day
Oct 18th

First Newspaper Comic Strip: Anniversary, 1896
Oct 18th

Moon Phase: New Moon
Oct 19th

Get Smart About Credit Day
Oct 19th

National Mammography Day
Oct 20th

Miss American Rose Day
Oct 20th

Sweetest Day
Oct 21st

International Stuttering Awareness Day
Oct 22nd

Mother in Law Day
Oct 22nd

Scorpio, The Scorpion (10/23-11/21)
Oct 23rd

National Mole Day
Oct 23rd

United Nations Day: Anniversary of Founding, 1945
Oct 24th

Navy Day
Oct 27th

Moon Phase: First Quarter
Oct 27th

Make A Difference Day
Oct 28th

Blue Ridge Folklife Festival
Oct 28th

Super Storm Sandy Slams into US Anniversary: 2012
Oct 29th

XTerra World Championship
Oct 29th

Internet Created: Anniversary, 1969
Oct 29th

National Cat Day
Oct 29th

Create A Great Funeral Day
Oct 30th

Checklists Day
Oct 30th

Oct 31st

Magic Day
Oct 31st

National Unicef Day
Oct 31st

National Knock - Knock Day
Oct 31st

Trick or Treat
Oct 31st

Books for Treats Day
Oct 31st

Mexico: Day of the Dead
Oct 31st

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