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Make the most of December sales opportunities when you bundle up and save on four fully templated themed sections. These beautifully designed sections are ready to sell and publish – in print or online – with ad spots and copyright-free features in place. And remember, your Metro subscription includes hundreds of ready-to-present holiday-themed spec ad templates to speed sales and maximize section revenue!



Create a call list.

Themed sections are a great way to approach new advertiser prospects with a niche product. Metro’s Themed Special Sections have advertiser suggestions in place to help you jump-start a call list. Metro’s online planning calendar is another helpful resource for brainstorming prospects.

Show and sell.

Present the ready-made section to prospects in person or by email, so they can visualize their ad in the finished product. Offer the option to choose the available ad spot that best complements their business offerings.

Market to advertisers and readers.

Metro’s Themed Special Sections include rate card and promotional ad layouts geared toward both readers and advertisers for print and online promotion.

Present a spec ad.

It’s a fact that spec ads help close more sales, and your Metro subscription provides access to thousands of holiday-themed spec ads that are ready to personalize and present for virtually every type of advertiser. Sales reps can even personalize their spec ad presentations online, and email them directly to prospects.

Collaborate to overcome objections.

By sharing the most commonly heard reasons why businesses don’t want to advertise, your sales team can work together in developing responses to overcome those objections.

Run sections online.

If printing is too costly, it’s easy to run a PDF of your special section on your website. You can even offer to include advertiser URLs for driving readers to advertiser websites. If you run your section in print, an online companion gives you the option to promote print and digital package rates.

Offer package deals.

The diversity of this holiday-themed section bundle gives you an easy way to offer four-pack advertising and sponsorship deals to local businesses, giving them the opportunity reach a wider audience.

Localize articles.

All of the features in Metro’s Themed Special Sections are copyright-free, so you can edit them any way you like to incorporate native advertising with tips, advice or even events from local businesses.

Think outside the section

If you’re short on high-revenue prospects for a particular section, consider publishing single pages within your paper for a targeted group of small advertisers, or sell pages as a series for a single large-scale sponsor.




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