Beauty Tips for Busy Women

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Don't compromise your beauty regimen just because you're busy.
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Women are juggling much more today than in years past. According to U.S. Census Bureau reports from 2002, 31 percent of married couples with children are two-income families, and many women are balancing work, family, social obligations, and additional activities. This can leave little time for personal grooming.

However, looking your best doesn't require a lot of time or money. In fact, by focusing on a few areas, you can put your best face forward despite being under a time crunch.

* Invest in a good haircut. Consult with a stylist who knows his or her stuff. Ask for recommendations on what cut will work for your facial shape, lifestyle and trends you desire. You want something that works for you and doesn't require a lot of effort to achieve. For example, if you're time-pressed and your 'do requires 40 minutes of blow-drying every morning, it may not be practical for your situation. Work with your hair type instead of against it. Investing in a good cut is a beauty secret every woman should know.

* Select dual-purpose products. Saving time can often mean using beauty products that serve more than one purpose. For example, a moisturizer that's also a sunblock saves on the extra step of applying SPF. Some mineral powder products serve as a foundation and a oil-reducing finish coat. For women who want to skip a foundation, tinted moisturizers are also an option.

* Play up your eyes. Bright eyes give the impression of being well-rested and healthy. If you spend time on anything in your beauty regimen, it should be adding some impact to your eyes, even if this just means using some mascara and applying a highlight under the browline and in the corners of the eyes. Don't forget to cover under-eye circles if they are a problem.

* Don't overlook your hands. Hands have a way of giving away your age. Many women who use age-defying products or enlist in the help of plastic surgery fail to realize that their hands can reveal their age. Always moisturize and care for your hands. Routine manicures can help tame cuticles and keep nails and hands in top form. Use sun protection on your hands to avoid wrinkling and age spots from sun exposure.

* Whiten your teeth. Putting a fresh-face forward also involves having a great smile. There are many inexpensive, over-the-counter whitening products that can lighten the shade of your teeth dramatically. They can be used while you're taking care of other tasks, such as laundry or making dinner, maximizing your time.  WT105342