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Insulation's cooling features

Many people equate insulation with keeping things warm, but ample attic insulation and other insulating factors around the home can help keep a home cooler during the summer as well. Rather than keeping a home cool or warm, insulation's main purpose is to maintain a consistent temperature in the home. In terms of summer comfort, insulation will prevent hot air from seeping into the home and keep residents from adjusting the thermostat to compensate. Insulation in the attic can actually help isolate potential leaks or sources where air is coming in. That's because the insulation should remain relatively clean if the home is properly sealed. If you find areas of attic insulation that appear soiled or wet, you could have an air or water leak somewhere. Insulation can also increase a cooling unit's efficiency. If the HVAC system doesn't have to work hard to keep cooling the home due to warm air infiltration, it will be easier to keep a consistent, comfortable temperature. That means less chance of fluctuating warm and cool air in the house.