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About MiAD Wizard

About MiAD Wizard

Improve your close ratios to 70% or more with the New MiAD® Wizard!


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About ADS On Demand (AOD)

About ADS On Demand (AOD)

ADS On Demand (AOD) is the answer to your most frequent ad production challenges. By delivering cost-effective custom print, web and mobile ads when you need them most, AOD lets you capture every sales opportunity, under any circumstances.

Want to capitalize on digital expansion opportunities? With AOD, you can offer clients professional, customized web ads and pages, including animated and interactive designs without expanding your current staff.

Pressed to complete special projects? With AOD, you get the support you need to produce high-ad-volume special sections and niche publications anytime.

Faced with staffing challenges? With AOD, you can always get the quality ads and designs you need to impress clients – on demand and on deadline – even when short-staffed or during holidays.

Need help with everyday ad needs? Order affordable custom print ads or create campaigns for any advertiser, anytime!


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About Metro interactive Ad Designer (MiAD)

About Metro interactive Ad Designer (MiAD)

Having spec ads to present to all prospective advertisers will help you close more ad sales. But how can you get the spec ads you need, when you need them? With MiAD, a revolutionary online application that allows you to make spec ads and finished ads right on screen with only a Web browser and an Internet connection. Whether you want to print spec ads for sales calls or create PDFs to email, anyone can easily create them using MiAD.


Revenue-Generating Digital & Print Event Calendars

Revenue-Generating Digital & Print Event Calendars

The Only Solution You Need to Become the Epicenter of Local Events, In Print and Online, and Gain a Distinct Advantage in Your Community. With EVVNT & METRO, you can now connect event marketers to your publication and readers instantly with an automated online marketing platform that can also reverse-publish to a print calendar, making the entire process fast, simple and highly profitable! 


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