METRO is the leading advertising, creative, sales and editorial resource that newspapers and media companies across North America have relied on for over a hundred years to help them generate more top-line advertising revenue while reducing production costs. METRO is unique in the industry because it continues to evolve with challenging market dynamics, delivering ever-relevant solutions to truly partner with customers so that each one can thrive, not just survive.

The Proven Triple Power of METRO has 3 components—Create. Sell. Profit.—that together drive the kind of efficiency, revenue and proven customer success stories a stock house or art service simply cannot deliver. In this booklet you’ll have the opportunity to review the key elements within each component and discover why METRO’s spectrum of premium solutions and easily-implemented services save valuable production time, boost sales and refine nearly every facet of a publisher’s operation and both sides of the balance sheet.

Become a partner! See for yourself how METRO’s Proven Triple Power can reinvigorate your sales and help you reach, and even exceed, profitability goals from the moment you first subscribe.


The global wedding market alone is a $300 billion industry! Now imagine adding revenue from birthday advertisers, anniversary promotions, local events and more… View Sample Collection

Sports & Recreation

From local student athletics to national sporting events, this category scores big attention. Equip advertisers to capture the market here… View Sample Collection


With pet spending topping $60 billion, here’s how to create pawsitively irresistible ads, layouts and sections for a full spectrum of local pet care advertisers… View Sample Collection

Health and Wellness

Capture your share of this booming industry from every angle: beauty, anti-aging, nutrition, weight loss, fitness, mind-body balance and beyond… View Sample Collection

Local Fare

Position your publication at the forefront of the growing go-local movement with a wealth of campaigns and promotions to advocate locally owned shops, restaurants and services… View Sample Collection

Top Ad Sales Prospects

Plan sales calls around a collection of ads targeting each month’s most advertised product and service categories… View Sample Collection

High-Value Targets

Build revenue-rich sections and pages with coverage geared toward key demographics like these… View Sample Collection

Popular and Niche Interests

Seek and you shall find, with hundreds of images, ads and ideas to target virtually any hobby, activity, interest or current trend… View Sample Collection

Yearly Hot Topics

A to Z to help you and your local advertisers chalk up your share of $75 billion in back-to-school spending… View Sample Collection


Successfully target each season’s main advertisers, then grow seasonal sales with themed promotions for a range of year-round businesses… View Sample Collection


All you need to make your publication the go-to guide for holiday shopping, dining, celebrating and entertaining… View Sample Collection

Contemporary Design Elements

Images speak loudly, and instantly. Say it best for every advertiser with thousands of high-quality, attractive images to visually optimize any ad… View Sample Collection

Multiple-Advertiser Layouts

See how sales come together when multiple price points and advertisers unite under a popular theme and eye-catching full-page layout… View Sample Collection

Self-Promotion Campaigns

Promote your publication’s valuable content, subscription offers, e-edition offerings, classified sales, sections and more… View Sample Collection

Top Advertiser Campaigns

Make sales calls count threefold with a collection of campaigns for your most lucrative advertiser categories… View Sample Collection

Print Special Sections

Print Special Sections unite local advertisers and drive revenue by highlighting themes for niche audiences. View TSS Library

Online e-Sections & Websites

Digital Special Sections expand promotion efforts–and sales–via online and mobile-responsive sites View e-Sections

MiAD Wizard

MiAD Wizard generates targeted print, online and mobile spec ad options in seconds to close more sales with every appointment. View e-Sections


Drive more powerful automotive pages and sections with new images, timely promotional concepts and attention-grabbing spec ads… View Sample Collection

Real Estate

Access all of the creative elements and formats to make your publication the number-one local real estate resource… View Sample Collection