July 12, 2024
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Stretching Templated Special Section (TSS) Content Also Stretches Profits

The Clinton Herald / The Ottumwa Courier, IA

Stretching Templated Special Section (TSS) Content Also Stretches Profits By running themed Templated Special Section (TSS) content in daily installments, these publications have found a way to engage readers and advertisers all week.

CREATE: Publisher Ron Gutierrez uses TSS content in a non-traditional way, breaking up an individual section’s features to run over the course of a one- or two-week period. By creating an ongoing theme in this manner, the publications are able to keep readers who are following the topic engaged on a daily basis.

SELL: Gutierrez finds TSS content particularly useful because it is helpful and relevant to readers while also providing a marketing message to complement advertisers’ products and services. This helps make his publications a valuable promotional arm for local businesses. He says, “In the end, we solve their marketing problems, which is why we continue to use Metro.”

PROFIT: Stretching out TSS content helps the publications monetize every available page they produce by providing a way to fill pages in the middle of the week versus printing a large section on one day. It also helps maintain a steady flow of reader and advertiser engagement by providing ample pages six days a week rather than releasing all content on one day.

“The templated sections provide outstanding content that gives us the opportunity to provide timely and valuable marketing for our audience and advertisers. The advertisers follow the audience, so everyone wins!” – Ron Gutierrez, Publisher

The Clinton Herald / The Ottumwa Courier
Clinton, Iowa / Ottumwa, Iowa
Publisher Ron Gutierrez

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