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October 18, 2021
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Newspaper Account Executive Achieves 130% of Budget Using Pulse & Metro

Staten Island Advance
New York

Account executive Chris Scott combines current shopping data from Pulse Research with personalized spec ads from Metro’s Wizard to open the door with advertisers and close more sales.

CREATE: Staten Island Advance account executive Chris Scott routinely seeks creative ways to optimize spec ads from Metro’s MCC Creative Library for his sales prospects’ specific needs. He might adjust a layout to create space for a business owner’s headshot or a current retail coupon. In a recent spec ad search for a pizzeria, he swapped the layout’s existing pizza image with a sandwich photo from the MCC Image Library to differentiate that advertiser’s offerings from their local competition. Scott then uses Metro’s ad Wizard to instantly personalize his spec ads with a prospect’s information and logo, pairing them with Pulse Sales Tools for comprehensive sales presentations.

SELL: Scott uses Pulse Sales Tools together with Metro’s ad Wizard as his “opener” and “closer.” He describes Pulse marketing teasers as an effective conversation starter, which then allows him to show an advertiser the opportunity his newspaper provides using Pulse one-page data-driven presentations. He closes by using the Wizard to show a prospect how their ad can be customized to their sales goals. He says advertisers feel cared for and appreciate the strategy that the Pulse/Wizard combination offers.

PROFIT: Staten Island Advance advertising director Michele Valenti explains, “Pulse/Metro gives my staff the tools needed to help advertisers keep their customers’ needs at ‘top of mind’ and provides a pipeline to successful relationships.” She gives her sales reps 25 prospects a week and reports that Scott recently reached 130 percent of his budget goal using Pulse/Metro.

Added Plus: Chris Scott recently shared his best practices as a guest panelist in a Pulse+Metro webinar. To receive a link to the webinar recording or to request your free MiAD® Wizard trial, contact Metro Client Services at 800.223.1600 or

Chris Scott
Account Executive
Staten Island Advance
Staten Island, NY

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