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By Marketing Department - February 23, 2021

Q. Was it easy to sell to local advertisers? Did you employ any specific strategy?

A. For our holiday gift guide this year we decided to replace a long held tradition of running the shells in every issue leading up to the holiday. It had become stagnant. This was a refreshing way to kick start the new campaign and was very successful and easy to sell.

Q. How did it run? As an insert? Did you do any overruns to distribute to local schools or such?

A. We inserted the special section into the first edition after Thanksgiving, and printed extra copies that we could distribute around town. We also ran house ads promoting the section and where people could pick it up.

Q. Have you had any feedback from readers?

A. Although I have not received direct feedback from our readers, I know that they enjoyed the section based on our positive feedback from the advertisers.

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Jenna, Siuslaw News



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