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This fast-paced webinar covers digital-friendly content available to help publications save time, enhance sites and social media,
drive online traffic, and build revenue. From web and mobile ads to social media posts, email marketing tools, web-ready editorial features and images, and more, learn where to find them, how to use them, and best practices for making them profitable.

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Get ready to launch your Events Commerce Business in 2024! Discover new revenue opportunities by joining our Evvnt & METRO webinar. Explore innovative strategies for publishers to thrive in the $16 billion events industry through event discovery, marketing and ticketing. Seamlessly connect with event marketers in your local markets using digital calendars that convert to print, boosting your ticket sales revenue. Explore the versatile tools and customizations of our all-in-one events commerce platform, designed to fit any publisher and market. Richard Green, CEO of Evvnt, will guide you on how to successfully kick-start your event commerce venture, generating recurring monthly revenue and invaluable consumer purchase data. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

Sonia DeJesus — Client Service Specialist, Metro Creative Graphics, Inc.

Richard Green — CEO & Founder, Evvnt

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