Learn how to extract the most value from your Metro subscription in print, online and on social media with every creative, sales and editorial feature and benefit that’s already included.

See just how much more than a stock site Metro delivers, with a rundown of everything from spec ad and article libraries to section features, page layouts, native advertising, social media, web ads, games and puzzles, horoscopes, promotional calendars, team communication tools, custom content requests and beyond. Plus, look at localizing Metro’s flexible content to meet your unique needs and provide added value to advertisers. If you’re looking for ways to save time, grow revenue and overcome staffing challenges with the budget you already have in place, this is an essential webinar you can’t afford to miss!

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Hosted By:
Bethany Weidenhammer - Client Services Specialist
Darrell Davis - Vice President of Creative Services

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Metro Creative Graphics, Inc. is a leading provider of advertising, creative, editorial and sales support resources designed to help media companies boost revenue and streamline production with their print and digital products. Metro is unmatched in serving the needs of today's publishers with ready-to-use spec ads, stock-quality images, copyright-free editorial features, print special sections, themed websites, sales and marketing support, and digital ad development tools. The company's responsiveness and passion for performance has been helping publishers create, sell and profit beyond their business expectations for over a century.

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