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NOW AVAILABLE: November SearchBooks

All-New Inspiration to Build Sales & Support Advertisers

Help local businesses make the most of every upcoming opportunity using the latest creative content and sales ideas from your November SearchBooks®.

Clickable pages connect you directly to every timely promotion, image and layout for instant downloading, making it easier than ever to view, plan, organize and monetize your month.

Metro Training Webinar

Guaranteed Q4 $ales Blueprint


Thursday, October 7, 2021 1:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time

Learn how to maximize guaranteed fourth-quarter revenue using the latest selling tools exclusive to Metro’s Holiday Advertising Service. This live webinar will explore new individual and group greeting layouts and marketing support for Christmas, Thanksgiving, the New Year, Chanukah and Kwanzaa, as well as an archive of more than 10,000 ads and images, available only to Holiday subscribers. Plus, learn how to instantly personalize ads with Metro’s MiAD Wizard and preview four ready-to-sell templated sections, all included free with this year’s Holiday Service.

November Collections


Ad designs, trivia quiz, kids’ activity page, section cover, beautiful photos, festive images and more fresh content to prep Thanksgiving advertisers for success    
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Black Friday

Single sheet and shaped ad designs, plus headings, images, additional layouts and fresh ideas, to attract shoppers to local Black Friday promotions 
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Shop Local

Full-page features and additional ads and images to promote community businesses and the benefits of shopping locally for the holidays
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Veterans Day & Remembrance Day

Special section content, contest sponsorships, messages of gratitude, event promotions, patriotic images and more ways to celebrate veterans   
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Giving Back

Ads, headings, images and section elements to help promote charity organizations to year-end donors in time for Giving Tuesday on November 30 and the holidays 
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November Promotional Opportunities

Content for November events and seasonal coverage, including Election Day, Hanukkah, football and Alzheimer’s awareness
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Print + Digital Ad Packages

Today’s advertisers are looking for help with their marketing and cross-platform media efforts. Find Print + Digital Ad Packages for key advertisers that deliver complete print, web and mobile ad campaigns in the Creative Library.

MiAD Spec Ad Library

Capture all types of advertisers related to Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, charitable giving and more by having ready-to-sell spec ads, including a multiple-advertiser business card layout, that will give you instant ROI.

Campaigns & Classified 4th Quarter

Expand ad sales with ready-to-present, -sell and -publish ads and campaigns for auto sales, real estate, recruitment, your own publication and more, in print and online.

Holiday Advertising Service

ALL NEW, ALL INCLUDED and ONLY AVAILABLE with your 2021 Holiday Service…more than 175 greeting ads in multiple sizes, hundreds of images in every style, four ready-to-sell special sections and free access to MiAD Wizard!

November Themed Websites & Directories

Expand digital advertising and audiences with Metro's timely and highly marketable themed websites and directories that are ready to sell and present live on your site.

November Print Special Sections

Quickly engage advertisers and save valuable production time with beautifully designed, fully templated print sections that are ready to sell.

Metro Editorial Services

Target related advertisers for key ad positions, surrounding these ready-to-run, copyright-free, consumer-friendly features for timely subjects.

Sales Tools

Find a wealth of moneymaking success stories from PLUS BUSINESS to generate more revenue in your local market. You can also find a valuable collection of communications that deliver IDEAS & TRAINING and SALES TIPS.

Metro provides a spectrum of advertising services and solutions that reach and affect nearly every facet of a publisher's operation. Metro's partnership with the media industry is based on a more than century-long relationship where, together, we identify what publishers need to be successful with their advertising endeavors and Metro responds with solutions.
You can reach Metro's Client Services Team by calling:
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(Outside U.S. and Canada 212.947.5100, ext. 253)
519 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018
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