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Themed Special Sections (TSS) Program

Themed Special Sections (TSS) Program
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Our clients say it best:
Metro’s Themed Special Sections program provides a great return on investment! 

“We have used Metro’s themed sections to generate thousands of dollars of local revenue.”  
– Clinton Herald, Iowa 
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“I've used several of the themed special sections from Metro and they are a real time saver!”
– Shaw Media, Illinois 
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“The quality content, artwork, and low cost make Metro’s themed special sections a no-brainer.”
– West Volusia Beacon, Florida 
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“Metro themed sections provide a yearly dose of new, broad copy and art to supplement our own local content, and are easily customizable to fit our unique needs.” 
– Pulaski Citizen, Tennessee

4 Things to Know About Metro’s Themed Special Sections

  1. 100% unsponsored content, NO “advertorial”  
  2. Content is copyright-free to edit any way you like
  3. Sections can be purchased by subscription or individually 
  4. Option to add corresponding websites and online ad directories for all titles 

Learn more about Metro’s Themed Special Sections program here, as well as the coordinated digital components available to help you grow multi-platform ad sales:

Amp up ad sales revenue while minimizing production time with fully written and designed, presentation-ready special sections!

  • Fully templated 20-page layouts with cover design, editorial content, images and ad positions in place
  • 28 available themes including health and wellness, home and garden, dining and more 
  • InDesign® and Quark® formats both available
  • E-edition and PDF links facilitate selling to prospective advertisers by printed presentation or email
  • Rate sheet layout and promotional ads also included
  • Fully editable to match your legacy titles or tailor to your market 
  • Completely customizable for alternate page counts and printing requirements
  • Bonus magazine size available for 12 section titles 

NOTE: File sizes are large so download time will be determined by your connection speed. If you have any questions about the documents, downloads or sizes please call 1-800-223-1600 or email us using the link to the right.

* Available by Separate Purchase: 
Cost-effectively grow digital revenue with mobile-responsive themed sites and directories that are ready to sell and present live on your site, no HTML knowledge needed!

  • 36 available themes - coordinated to match all print Themed Special Section titles, plus additional options
  • Connect advertisers with niche audiences, build SEO and increase traffic to your website
  • Can be co-branded with your logo or information and customized with local content
  • User-friendly content management system (CMS) lets you go live and start selling on day one
  • Photo and video galleries, social sharing, mapping and more features
  • Pricing from only $50 per month

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