National Hot Dog Month

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July is National Hot Dog Month, and according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, Americans will be consuming the infamous little red tubes of "meat" in record numbers this summer.  The Council estimates that over seven billion hot dogs will be eaten by Americans between Memoiral Day  and Labor Day. During the July 4th  weekend alone (the biggest hot-dog holiday of the year), 155 million will be downed.  Every year, Americans eat an average of 60 hot dogs each. They are clearly one of the country's most loved, but most misunderstood, comfort foods. Below you'll find some frequently asked questions regarding the hot dog.

Metro Ideas:
Americans consume approximately 818 hot dogs per second between Memorial Day and Labor Day, with the prime time being the Fourth of July holiday; hence July being named National Hot Dog Month. Sell your first National Hot Dog Month ad by downloading N1107A67002C from the MCC Spec Ads & Covers Library. View the ad on page 67 of the July 2011 Metro Newspaper Service or in the Metro e-Edition.
Read a story in your July 2012 Plus Business of how one publication has succeeded with an annual Hot Dog Day that involved readers and advertisers. Type P1207B001C in the search box of the MCC Plus Business Library to read the story or download it as a PDF.